Father’s Day


Fathers day

Father’s Day sometimes is an ironic holiday to me. Most of the mainstream media and entertainment industries spend all the other 364 days of the year belittling and talking down to fathers and then want to celebrate them for one day. We can deny it as much as we want, but our society does not value its fathers like it should and it shows. And it is now realizing how much we need fathers in our lives when it is nearly too late for many generations. Continue reading “Father’s Day”

Pinterest Fail!


pinterest fail

It was a rainy Sunday. Isaiah was working and I was home from church with sick kids. I let the boys watch some Netflix and I mindlessly scrolled through Pinterest. After a while, I started looking for some craft ideas and I stumbled upon pins for keepsake bears. You know, the kinds made from old receiving blankets or clothing from someone dear? I’ve been wanting to try my hand at one of those, so I found a beginners pattern and printed it off. And then I found one of the kid’s old receiving blankets. Continue reading “Pinterest Fail!”

Five Things I’m Learning from My Strong-willed Child


Five Things I'm Learning from

The title says it all. Strong-willed children are a walking life lesson. There are so many facets to their extreme personalities that there is always something new popping up and surprising me. Continue reading “Five Things I’m Learning from My Strong-willed Child”

Barely Housekeeping: What I do to try and outrun the Mess


Barely Housekeeping: What I do to outrun the Mess


DISCLAIMER: I am unashamedly using gifs in this post… Nerd-mom right here.

My house is a mess. With life and my recent back injury, I’ve just barely been keeping ahead of this mess monster. I can almost feel it nipping at my heels. Whenever I get to almost having my head above water, someone of a diminutive stature and several years younger than I dumps their juice on the floor. And the mess monster flourishes. Continue reading “Barely Housekeeping: What I do to try and outrun the Mess”

My Favorite Music Selections to Write To


my favorite music

When I was little, my dad was a band director for many years and we were surrounded by music all our growing days. Dad would take us kids to band practices with him and we would hear all their shows and concerts as they mastered them. Sometimes on Sunday mornings, mom and dad would wake us kids by blaring any kind of combo of Steve Green or Glad a capella music. And a staple on road trips was a shoe box packed with CD’s. It was Boston pops, classical music, movie soundtracks(John Williams, anyone?), and kid’s song CD’s. Continue reading “My Favorite Music Selections to Write To”

My Favorite Non-essential Baby Essentials

I have to tell you, I love baby stuff. And by stuff, I mean the not-quite-essential-but-nice-to-have stuff. Babies, especially newborns, don’t actually need as much stuff as we think. You can often get by with the bare bones of baby basics for the first few weeks of their lives if you have to. But, it’s always nice to have a little “something extra” around to make baby-life easier. Here is my list of my “non-essential essentials.” Continue reading “My Favorite Non-essential Baby Essentials”